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Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am an avid fan of those paranormal investigation shows on TV, and am lucky that NewMama allows me to indulge in them without much ridicule.  In fact, it seems her interest has also been piqued - if only to a minor extent.  So, on our way home from the Hot Dog Festival we HAD to stop at one of the crown jewels of the paranormal investigation scene - the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, located in Weston, WV.  It was early evening and the facility was near closing by the time we arrived, so we weren't able to take a tour (Ramsay would have been allowed as long as we carried him), but we did explore around the outside of the building.  The size of the place and its dilapidated state were very foreboding, but interesting at the same time.  We headed out after taking a few snapshots, peeking in to get a brochure, and talking to one of the employees.  We'd like to return around Halloween for their haunted house and a paranormal tour.

Some say that animals have a sixth sense, a feeling for the ethereal that we humans cannot quite grasp.  Ramsay was certainly curious about the asylum, but dogbert didn't suggest that he sensed anything unusual.  He wasn't uncomfortable.  Then again, the three of us only got to experience the OUTSIDE of the building!


Amy said...

Oooo Ramsay, you should get your mom & dad to take you to Waverly Hills Sanatorium here in KY, it's really spooky. I'm not sure about dragons, but I hear that there are ghosts out there.

Happy dragon hunting:)

docsdox said...

Jasper: GHOSTS?! mom and dad never said anything about ghosts! ...and here i thought those were dragons talking to me! i'm gonna have to have a talk with mom and dad about this!


Just looked at the Sanitorium's website. Looks very spooky. LOVE IT! We may have to make a trip out to KY sometime to check it out!