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Sunday, August 14, 2011

dragon day

today is officially dragon day!

this morning, i was awoken by grunting noises and a rush of hot air blowing into my crate.  no, it wasn't dad's snoring!  dragon's dad, bigbluedragon (he says to call him BBD for short) saw us at the castle and stowed away in our vehicle!  dragon had been writing him letters about all the fun we've been having, and our mission to rescue my tennis ball from mom and dad.  BBD offered to help!  i didn't have to lure him here or anything! BBD recognized me from dragon's letters - i guess i don't look like other doxies out there, with my unusual color and blue eye...  anyway, turns out dragon AND BBD both eat toy stuffing!  so, i don't have to worry about them eating MY food.  they can actually help me keep the kibble-eating-stuffed-toy-population in check!  now i can REALLY start planning  "Operation: TB (tennis ball)".  joy!!


the dragon family reunited!  dragon with his dad - BBD!

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