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Thursday, August 4, 2011

a rose by any other name...

While at the Hot Dog Festival, Ramsay had a great time interacting with others of his kind - there aren't too many doxies back home that he's able to touch base with on a regular basis.  More often than not, Ramsay may be found indulging his Napoleon complex and bossing around dogs weighing ten times his 11.5 pounds.   He's lucky he hasn't ended up one of these dogs' snacks!  So the snausage-fest was a welcome event.

One of the doxies that Ramsay took a particular liking to was a petite smooth red named "Penrose" - Rosie for short.  
[SIDE NOTE:  With our medical background, NewMama and I had to internally chuckle, as Penrose happens to be the name of a type of surgical drain.  We also get a kick out of cute little girls named Melena (a medical term for bloody stool).  But these semantics are beside the point.]  
Rosie was a beautiful dog.  Ramsay seemed to melt when she was around, and he did nothing but roll around on the ground to expose his belly to her so they could wrestle.  A rose by any other name would certainly be as sweet!


Holly Diane said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!

Amy said...

Oh so sweet!! Mom & I wish we had a doxie round up here, but she can't find one:( I do have some doxie cousins that live down the road but 2 of them have had some back issues & I'm a rough & tumble player... mom says hopefully they'll be better soon so we can go over & play:)


AMY ANN said...

What a cute pair. They look like they are really having so much fun.

cheyne923 said...

Oooh it's a love connection!

docsdox said...

hee-hee! thanks everyone! that's the first time i ever played like that with another dog. i kinda think i might have a crush on rosie. maybe dad can help me write her a love letter! BOL!


JASPER: i hope you can find a doxie meetup near you. they're so much more fun than generalized dog meetups. dogbert just acts so much differently around other doxies than he does with other breeds. definitely more comfortable and playful!