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Monday, August 1, 2011

docsdox racing impresses in huntington!

This past Saturday, NewMama and I took Ramsay to Huntington, WV to participate in the Wiener Race at the annual West Virginia Hot Dog Festival.  Boy was it HOT!!  Lots of activities for all ages, but we went mainly for the dog events.  Ramsay was a little skittish when we fist arrived - couldn't blame him after being in his crate for the 4hr drive!  After a few strategically-timed "tones" (we use a tone collar as a last resort for situations when verbal commands and treats just don't work), he calmed down and was his usual good-canine-citizen self.  Lots of doxies there (it WAS the HOT DOG FESTIVAL after all!), as well as a fair number of other breeds. 

Early events included an all-breed costume contest.  There were some creative costumes, but we loved the little smooth red doxie who won - he was wearing a prison outfit with a cute hat and shorts that read, "I plead the fifth".  After that was a short parade around Pullman square, then the racing began!

The first several races were for non-doxies, and were staged according to weight.  We estimate at least 40 non-doxies who participated.  At high noon, the main event took place:  the Annual Wiener Dog Race!!!

Sixty doxies competed, in 6 heats of 10.  Ramsay was in the 4th heat with #31.  As he hates being too far from NewMama, I held him at the starting line and helped him to locate her at the opposite end of the track.  He became a little agitated once he found her, and was eager to run.  He ended up winning the heat with one of the fastest times of the day!  We were pleasantly surprised!  The stage was set for the championship race.  Even the judges were optimistic about Ramsay's chances.  

As in his first heat, Ramsay got off to a great start from the line.  But in an uncharacteristic move, dogbert decided to run diagonally, INTO a pack of slower doxies instead of straight or diagonally PAST the pack.  Luckily he was going fast enough to finish 3rd! 

In another unusual turn of events, after the race dogbert ran around the track and refused to be picked up by anyone.  It took some effort on NewMama's part to corral him.  After holding and comforting him for a few minutres we noticed blood on our clothes!  Two of Ramsay's already shortly-trimmed nails on his hind foot had worn to the quick from all the walking and running on hot pavement. 

We went to the Vet Tent where, for some strange reason, there was NO STYPTIC POWDER!  At that point, NewMama and I went into doc-mode.  We thoroughly rinsed his toes with our bottled water and went to the Children's Hospital tent, where we were given gauze wrap and a bandaid (to use in lieu of tape, which they couldn't find).  We carried our little racer back to our vehicle, where he spent most of the ride home cuddled and snoring in NewMama's lap. 

Talk about an eventful day!  We are very proud of Ramsay, as we were only hoping for him to win his heat!  To have come in THIRD place out of 60 doxies was a bonus!  We suspect Ramsay's nails acted up in the middle of the final race, thus distracting him.  In addition, NewMama thinks he just wanted to get up close and personal with one of the female dogs in his heat - which would not be unusual for our little casanova!  If he HAD come in first place for the championship, he would have been pitted against the Charleston (ie: local) doxie champ for a grand(er) prize.  Considering Ramsay's performance for his first time in Charleston, we like his chances for next year!

In the meantime, Ramsay is enjoying extra cuddle time, extra treats, and a new stuffed toy for his effort! 


Amy said...

Wow Ramsay, congratulations!!
There's a weiner race in Georgetown, KY in the fall & I'd really like to take Jasper. He's never been in a race before but your story gives me hope!!
I'm sorry your little toes-ies got hurt, but I'm sure your enjoying all the extra attention & snackies:)

Congrats again!! Amy & Jasper

docsdox said...

Amy & Jasper,


You should totally do it! It's so much fun! We go mainly for the experience, and to let Ramsay play with other doxies (future post). It's fun just to watch the little wieners run! But we have to admit, winning even a heat is exhilarating! We were very pleasantly surprised by Ramsay's wins! It helps that Ramsay can't stand being away from his Mom for too long - makes it easier to motivate him to run toward her. Keep us posted!

Kerri said...

Ah, my most favorite college town in the whole wide world!

docsdox said...

Kerri - did u happen to catch the festival?

Kerri said...

I didn't -- I live in Raleigh, NC, now, but my parents are still in Sissonville (near Charleston).