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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hard time

dear diary,
sorry i haven't been writing lately, but would you believe i was IN JAIL?!  well, dad took me to the vet for a check-up and they took me away and locked me up!
i knew there had to be some kinda mistake, so during my potty break i snuck out to the desk and made a deal with diego the parrot, who was also jailed for no apparent reason - apparently parrots will do anything for grape-flavored pop rocks...  anyway, diego helped me use the phone to call my cousin hubert in california for advice.  he's a pembroke welsh corgi, and is a fellow member of "TALL-Dog-O" (The American Long / Low Dog Organization).   he's sooper-dooper smart - graduated from doggie university and passed the BARK exam, so he knows about doggie rights.

hubert said to call grammy and pappy.  so diego imitated my mom's voice on the phone and told them to pick me up!  before i knew it, i was at their house keeping pappy's lap warm.  i'll have to send diego a WHOLE BOX of pop rocks for his help!  now hubert is helping me figure out what happened...
I smell a rat, and he's shaped like a French Bulldog!
photo courtesy of Hubert's Mom
looks like frenchie may have been sore over getting a custom-made glitter-coated poopie snake from me (i worked really hard on that one too...) and not getting invited to my birthday party!  i think i'll ask diego to make a vet appointment for frenchie!  BOL!


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