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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a moment of silence...

The bond between a dog and their humans is a strange and wonderful thing.  They work their way into our hearts and become part of the fabric of our everyday existence, enriching it to an extent that is difficult at best to quantify.  Their antics entertain us.  Their achievements (be they as simple as learning a new trick) fill us with overflowing pride.  Their mistakes can frustrate us to exponential degrees.  At the end of a long, frustrating day, no other being (short of beloved human family) helps us to decompress quite like a dog - with acts as simple as waiting for us by the door - tail wagging a mile-a-mintue, as if they were meeting us for the first time; or curling up into a ball in our laps, at our sides, or by our feet.  Such is the power that our dogs exert over us - an influence so great that when it is lost, the void it leaves is nearly as unbearable as the loss of a human relative.

So it always with great sorrow that we read about the passing of any of our doxie brethren - Jeeves earlier this year, and now Maggie.  We didn't know them personally, but feel as if we did through virtual interactions - we had been fans of several doxie blogs even before Ramsay took ownership of us, and "The Long and Short of it All" has always been near the top of our list.  Indeed Joey & Maggie's blog, as well as that of our buddy Baxter, were (and continue to be) huge influences in starting (and maintaining) our own blog.  That being said, we would now like to observe a moment of silence for Maggie, Jeeves, and any other doxie friends who have passed on.


sleep well, miss maggie...i'll miss you.
We offer Maggie's family our deepest, most heartfelt condolences during this difficult time.  We will miss our "The Long and Short of it All" hostess, and look forward to a time when  the blog is once again up and running.  Take your time - we'll be here when you return!

- docsdox, NewMama, and Ramsay


cheyne923 said...

A lovely tribute and a really wonderful photo. Thank you for including Jeeves in your thoughts, that was unexpected.
I miss Maggie so much, Carson and Joey are in our hearts and prayers right now.
Lots of love,
Melinda and Teagan (and Jeeves from on high)

kalyxcorn said...

nicely said, friend. :)

docsdox said...

thanks guys.

Melinda: we'll always remember Jeeves! we miss hearing about him - although we do quite enjoy hearing about Teagan!

Joey and Maggie said...

Dear Ramsay,
Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute to Maggie. We cried when we saw the beautiful photo of you with hers in the background. Not sure if we've left a comment here before, (we're always struggling to get a post done before dad goes to work!), but we've been reading your blog for some time now (since our friend Melinda pointed us your way), and just love it - especially the "cartoons!" You always make us smile.
But thanks so much again for all the love and support, it has made things a little easier over the last few days.

Can't sign Joey and Maggie anymore, but how about Joey and his Dad.

docsdox said...

thanks for the wonderful compliments. as we said - yours and baxter's blogs are the inspiration for ours, so to hear that we can bring a smile to your face is very flattering and humbling. hopefully our little project is different enough from others to be memorable - as yours is! you'll always have our love and support! we'll pray for your guys during this difficult time.