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Sunday, September 25, 2011

the nose knows

A couple of weeks ago, NewMama and I noticed a peculiar red spot on dogbert's nose.  Looked like some sort of abrasion - as if he had "skinned" himself on something.  This would not be entirely out of the question, considering Ramsay gets into EVERYTHING.  The spot had resolved almost completely, but then suddenly seemed to enlarge over the course of just one day!  

My suspicion is that dogbert is sniffing under the door after we leave, or when he hears one of us entering the garage.  But there are no signs of scraped skin or claw marks on the door, and certainly no blood.  The bottoms of the furniture do not appear to be damaged.  Only Ramsay and his toybuddies know how it happened, but no one is talking.    This may be a good time to invest in a webcam so that we can spy on him during the day!  

...he was a large, winged monster with fangs the size of my head!
i barely escaped alive!  ask any of my toybuddies - they'll
back me up!

PS:  We mourn the loss of yet another of our doxie-blog friends, Twix.  Condolences to her family during this difficult time.


Elizabeth said...

Gauis had the EXACT same scrap on his noes from trying to sniff under the door. We put up a baby gate instead, sore went away.

Elizabeth said...

Photographic evidence

docsdox said...


YIKES! thanks for the pic. that must be it. i've started spraying the bottom of the door with bitter apple to discourage Ramsay from sniffing there. we have a baby gate up, but it's on the OUTSIDE of the door . we used to just have that up, but Ramsay can jump OVER the gate, so we've had to close the door and just keep the baby gate on the outside of the door to prevent him from bolting out when we open it.

we'll try the bitter apple trick this week to see if it makes a difference. otherwise, we may need a taller gate!

BTW: we took your suggestion and got a set of foam stairs like you have. Ramsay has adjusted fairly well for the most part. still needs some work, but we're getting there.

Taffy and Angel Twix said...

Thank you for leaving a note about Twix. Those notes that pups and their peeps left have helped Momma a lot! I heard I might get to take over the blog and I can't wait to get to know everyone in blogville better!

docsdox said...

Angel Twix - you will not be forgotten!

TAFFY: welcome to the blogosphere! you need not be a doxie to be appreciated around here! so blog away! we'd love to read about your adventures.


Amy said...

Oh Ramsay, please be care with your wonderful nose!!

I've always crated Jasper so I'm never had to "nose scrape by door" problem, but he did learn how to unlock his crate door & get out on him own when I wasn't home. So now there is a lock on his crate door, problem solved:)

Hope all your efforts pay off:)

docsdox said...

AMY: OMD! Jasper is a genius to have figured out how to unlock his crate! sadly, we're away too long to trust Ramsay's bowels and bladder in his crate. he's had an accident or two when he's been in his crate overnight too long.