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Friday, September 30, 2011

game day

last month, my buddy Baxter posted an open invitation to participate in "Guess Whose Foofie" game day!  my toy buddies and i thought it smelled like a great idea, so we decided to play!  we couldn't find the blindfold (dad was using it as a gas mask) so we used a t-shirt instead.  then it was foofies away!  

WOW! what a tough game!  when i was up, i got really dizzy and almost passed out!  since i couldn't guess whose foofie it was, i have to clean the bathrooms with a toothbrush for a week.  petey (the pink pachyderm!) and BBD (BigBlueDragon) said they'd help me out 'cuz they felt sorry for me.  it's so nice to have toys looking out for me.  i guess maybe my nose isn't old enough to be able to tell foofies apart...yet!  oh well, better luck next time!  


dogbert reels from the smell as his toy buddies play a cruel joke on him.

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