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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

short work

The tennis ball.  A source of endless excitement for our little snausage.  Most of the time, Ramsay enjoys playing with a regular-sized one - comes in a convenient 3-pack, courtesy of our local dollar store.  Not only does he love to chase it, he has developed a habit of nudging it with his nose under the nearest couch, then laying on his side and digging to retrieve it.  In order to avoid this and spare the bottoms of our leather furniture, we gave Ramsay a large-sized tennis ball for his brithday.  He seemed to notice that this one was different.  It was a little heavier, a little more cumbersome to pick up and carry around, and most of all - IT HAD A SQUEAKER and DIDN'T fit under the couches!  That was enough to keep dogbert interested in the ball for good 20min - after which time he had liberated a fair amount of the fuzzy green husk from the ball onto our throw rug!  Strange that these large balls don't seem as resistant to destruction as the regular ones...At any rate, after noticing that he was ripping SHEETS of green husk off the ball and had torn out the squeaker, I decided the little lion-dog  needed a break.  We'll see if he can penetrate the inner core of the ball the next time we let him have it!
whaddaya mean i'm done playing with this for now?

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