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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


August 31, 2010:  the day we received word from our breeder that she had pups, and one was for us!  NewMama and I felt very fortunate, as there were only two in this litter, and we had been waiting for some time.  The litter that we INITIALLY had dibs on (a month or two earlier) never developed - false pregnancy.  So we were ecstatic to hear of Ramsay's birth!  
Our little snausage at birth - when he was still Vienna-sized and a true
red-dapple!  Photo courtesy of LeCaring's AKC Dachshunds.
Flash forward one year to the present.  We've been through quite an adventure with Ramsay!  Potty-training through the dead of winter.  Foam flooring of his pen chewed up.  Learning basic tricks.  Walks on the rail trail.  A short stint in doggie daycare (which we may yet resume).  Traveling anywhere and everywhere with him in his crate, carseat, or NewMama's lap.  Racing on grass and pavement.  What more could we possibly experience?  We don't know, but rest-assured we'll be blogging about it!


dear diary,
dragon and BBD told me the story of "petey the pink birthday pachyderm", who pays a visit to puppies on their birthdays if they've been good over the past year.  i was afraid he wouldn't come, 'cuz i got in trouble for attacking a snake in the basement - only i found out later that this snake was a good snake because his job was to bring sound to the little boxes that the voices come out of when we're watching tv.  i guess that's why he didn't have any stuffing inside him, just this shiny, stringy stuff that didn't taste good at all.  dad wasn't too happy, but said he could "splice" the snake back together.  whew!  i'm glad the snake made it through his surgery!  anyhoo, i thought dad would tattle on me and petey wouldn't come.  imagine my surprise after dinner tonight!

i walked into the kitchen and there was petey!  ....and he brought some stuffed toyfriends who don't eat kibble - more for me!  they sang happy birthday to me, along with mom and dad, and then all of us wild animals had cake that mom made from scratch!  i don't know what scratch is, but boy did it taste YUMMY!  then we had playtime with a big, gigundous tennis ball!  the good part was that it's easy to catch.  the bad part was that it's too big for me to sneak under the couch and dig at!  it's ok.  i don't need it to be under the couch to try to dig up the sooper-dooper prize inside - the squeaker!!  what a cool birthday!



Anne Marie said...

Happy birthday Ramsay!!!!

cheyne923 said...

Oh, happy, happy birthday Ramsay! You have grown into such a handsome young man. Now you have to be careful not to forget all you have learned during that adolescent second year (it's also a really FUN year according to Teagan). We love seeing your posts, can you ask Dad to get them to link to Facebook? We try to get to all the blogs we follow regularly but when we also see the post on FB we definitely link!

Melinda and Teagan

cheyne923 said...

Oops, we forgot...Jeeves was very good at killing snakes, especially the landline phone snake! Mom said her friends knew that if the phone kept ringing and no machine came on that I had killed it!
m & t

Amy said...

Happy happy birthday Ramsay!! When I turned 2 this year, mom got me an awesome cake from the cool doggie store & it was YUMMY!! I hope you enjoy your new tennis ball & good luck getting the sqeaker prize out:)


AMY ANN said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday. You were such a cute little snausage and now you are a very handsome little guy.

docsdox said...

THANKS EVERYONE! i had a great birthday!

M&T: dad says he'll post updates up on FB, but most of the time he updates on thursdays and sundays. i'll take Teagan's advice and will try to remember everything that i learn this year. oooh, the now-rare landline phone snake! i bet Jeeves kille a bunch of them! LUCKY!

AMY/JASPER: mom and dad said they couldn't find a cake they liked, so mom looked up a recipe on the internet and made one herself. she and dad even tasted it the night before they gave it to me! i DO get some YUMMY gourmet cookies from the local barkeries. i'm almost at the sooper-dooper squeaker of the ball! i've already got almost all the green fuzzies off the ball!

AMY ANN: THANKS! lucky you have TWO beautiful doxies! all-hail the mighty piebald!! BOL! =)