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Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy hallowiener!

October 30, 2010:  the day that our lives changed forever, as we rushed home from work and trekked to the breeder to pick up our little boy.  We were amazed at how small he was - just barely bigger than the palm of one's hand!  The breeder said that he had a nice, calm temperament and that he was a weeper - as evidenced by the redness at the edges of his eyes.  He was cuter in person than the pictures the breeder posted when he was born, and the blue eye didn't bother me as much.  It actually made him cuter.  Despite all of our reassurances, he whined the ENTIRE hour-drive home, and almost made it before he had to go to potty - poor little guy pooped in his crate just as we pulled into our driveway!  
As if the trip home wasn't traumatic enough for the little snausage, he had to deal with sitting in the chilly weather (with warm fluffy blanket nearby) to be greeted by all of the trick-or-treaters the following evening.  What a little trooper!

Dogbert has come a long way since then, and has traded in his old ghost sweater for slightly snazzier Hallowiener attire.
look at the pumpkin i found!  ...and check out my clone!
Happy Hallowiener from the three of us!  


Mary Anne said...

How adorable!!

Nola said...

Aw!!!! Happy gotcha day!!!
Dachshund Nola

Amy said...

Aww Ramsay, you were just as cute as a puppy as you are now:)

Love the pic of you & your clone!!

Joey and Maggie said...

Aw, what great photos, especially you and your clone, LOVE IT!

docsdox said...

THANKS, GUYS! my clone and i are gonna have soooo much fun!

AMY ANN said...

What a cutie! Love the clone picture. Happy Hallowiener.

Ruby and Penny said...

Happy Halloween Ramsay & Belated Gotcha Day.
Love Ruby & Penny