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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat 2011!

dear diary,
mom and dad took me to grammy and pappy's house to celebrate hallowiener.  this was my first REAL hallowiener - last year i was too young to know what it was all about.  my cousin hubert told me that all i needed to do was give little kiddies some chocolate and they would give me lovin'!  i thought that was a great idea 'cuz we have so much extra chocolate laying around - might as well put it to good use 'cuz i'm not allowed to eat it (and dad eats too much of it)!  well, whaddaya know?  it worked!
i wonder what other stuff i can give away to kiddies to get hugs in return?  i thought i saw some of dad's girl scout cookies in the pantry.  hmmm....
can't wait 'til next hallowiener!  i'm already planning my next costume!


1 comment:

Nola said...

Love the costume! I was a unicorn!
Dachshund Nola