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Sunday, October 2, 2011

thug life

Autumn has arrived, and with it the colder weather.  For dogbert that means one thing:  he absolutely cannot go outside without some form of clothing - lest our hot dog turns into a "freezer pup"!  This weekend, the forecast was for scattered showers and temperatures in the 40s.  NewMama bundled Ramsay up in his new hoodie and we headed out into the cold, hopeful that we would make it to the local outdoor farmers' market before the rain started.  Kudos to NewMama for choosing an outfit that looked decidedly "gangsta".
wassup, yo!  fro me some kibble
or i bus' a cap in yo' ankle!
Snoop doxie-dog was a hit around town, with many compliments on his new hoodie - which, thankfully kept him fairly toasty. For the most part, he behaved well and was NOT the "barkiest" dog at the market.  Ramsay DID have short bursts of yappiness upon seeing other dogs, but only because he wanted to play with them.  He was a good canine citizen to the humans he met, allowing them to pet him and providing sloppy doxie kisses in return.  Dogbert otherwise indulged his inner hound, nose to the ground, reveling in all of the strange and wonderful scents of the market.  
yo!  i'll lick yo' windshield fo' a biscuit!
Before heading home, we made the requisite stop at our local dog-freindly pet store, whose owner happens to adopt/rescue doxies!  Of all the kind people in the store, Ramsay seemed to gravitate toward her - as if he knew that she was a doxie-mom.  Having behaved and entertained both the employees and customers, Ramsay was rewarded with a huge biscuit! He promptly tasted it, then placed the rest aside for 'hiding-in-the-blanket-in-my-crate' purposes. 
NewMama helps Ramsay say 'thank you and goodbye'
to one of the employees at the pet store.
Hopefully the snow will hold off for a little while, so that we can have more outings like this!  Keeping our fingers crossed! 


Doxie Rod said...

this post really made me laugh! he really has some street cred. wherever you live, it's getting cold TOO soon!! :)

docsdox said...

BOL! THANKS! i had a lot of fun that day, and got some great treats!

thankfully our forecast is for a few more warm days this week. hoping it'll be that way just a little bit longer. i'm not ready for 5 layers of clothes just to go out for a walk!