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Sunday, December 4, 2011

d_ in a box

1.  get yourself a box
2.  put some toys in the box
3.  flip the lid on that box

...and that's all you've got to do to get a dox in a box!
hahaha - very funny, dad.  now if you would please excuse me.
i have some very important sleeping to get to...
Several months ago, NewMama and I got tired of finding dogbert's toys strewn about the house.  Solution: while at TJMaxx, we found the perfect little cubby to solve our problem.  Of course, to Ramsay this was more than just a centralized place to hoard his toys.  This was his throne - a place from which he could gaze upon his vast kingdom through our living room windows.   

With our house nearing full-Christmas mode, our tree has exiled King Ramsay's throne to the office.  Since this happened, he seems to have developed the habit of sleeping IN the cubby when he finds it open, rather than waiting for either NewMama or myself to close the lid so he can lay on the cushion.

P.S.:  shame on those of you who thought this post was about something else!  ;)


Kerri said...

At least you didn't have to cut a hole in the box!

(And, OMG, my captcha is coxinkl.)

Agnes B Bullock said...

Have to find those cubbies for my five! (Well, four- Thai won;t fit- being a standard with back issues!)

Nola said...

What a great toy box Ramsay!
Dachshund Nola

Amy said...

Ramsay your so lucky to have such an awesome throne!! Mom has been looking for one for me but she hasn't found the perfect one yet...


docsdox said...

KERRI: BOL! what are the odds that that was your captcha? =)

AGNES, NOLA, AMY: thanks for the compliments! the cubby is super convenient!