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Friday, December 23, 2011

santa's little helper

As Christmas Eve draws near, we've been in DEFCON-1 to get all of our shopping done and our cards out in the mail.  Amidst the ruckus of the holiday rush, our resident snausage-elf provides comedic relief as he noses around ALL of the goings-on, making sure that everything is just right for Santa's night.
hello, everyone!  i'm RamsElf, sent by Santa to make sure these
fine people are ready for Christmas Eve.
[oh, boy.  this costume might ruin my street cred.  anyway....]

are those biscuits over there with the ribbons on them
for m-...i mean..."YOUR DOG"?  what's his name again,
"Rummy"? "Ramses"? "RinTinTIn"? "Remoulade"? "Dasher"?
It's "Ramsay".  Some of the biscuits  are for him, little snausage-elf.  But others are for his doggy-friends.  Ramsay will have other gifts to compensate.  He's such a generous little guy, you know.
ah yes!  santa has told me about how good your dog has been
this year.  i'll have to remind him so he'll give m-...i mean, "YOUR DOG"
EXTRA presents!
but before i go, i must inspect your ornaments...


Nola said...

You've been a good boy, can't wait to see what you get from Santa!
Dachshund Nola

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