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Sunday, January 29, 2012

grilled wiener?

My first Dachshund, OzzY, was great at finding the warmest places in any house we happened to be.  In my apartment, it was the front room facing the street, where it was always sunny.  At my parents' house, it was the floor underneath the kitchen table - underneath which pipes for the baseboard heating ran.  NewMama and I are finding that Ramsay has the same knack!


dear diary,
BRRRR!  i am on a mission to find the top five warmest spots in our house!  here's what i have so far:
5.  under mom and dad's comforter at the foot of the bed
4.  under blankie with mom or dad on the couch
3.  on my neighborhood watch-tower in front of the living room window
2.  on top of the sofa in front of the window in the man/dog cave
1.  on the floor with alex

diary, you may ask "who is alex?"  well, he is my new friend!  he's very reliable because he's in every room of the house, and he keeps me the warmest - especially at night!  i asked him his name and he said, "alexander.  alexander the grate."  the greatest thing about him is that he travels!  i found him at my grammy and pappy's house too!  here's a couple pix of us at my house: 

more later!

aaaaaah, toasty...
don't worry, i'll turn so i don't burn!

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