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Thursday, February 16, 2012

v-day 2012

Top 3 reasons why we love sending Ramsay to daycare:

1.  Socialization:  We take care of the socialization with people.  Daycare has helped him to learn how to act around other dogs.  So far, so good - albeit with the occasional lapse in manners when meeting a new dog.

2.  Entertainment:  When Ramsay is at daycare, he's not at home trying to turn our sofas into his personal scratching posts - mostly via incidental contact with long toenails while climbing up onto the back part to lounge.

3.  Exercise:  Dogbert plays so much at daycare that he barely makes it home awake!  We usually find him curled up on the sofa or in his crate until at least the FOLLOWING evening.

Unfortunately, Reason #3 took it's toll on our Valentine's Day plans for the little snausage.  He had not mustered enough energy to play with his toys until tonight!     

PS:  Please stand by, as our blog updating may be erratic for the next several weeks.  There are certain pressing matters that demand our attention and will take us away from the blog for a short time.  Hopefully our little handful of readers will continue to check back in periodically - for those random times that we may indeed be able to sneak a post in.  Thanks for reading!


Nola said...

Hope everything's okay! Well be here when you get back
Dachshund Nola

Jasper + Amy said...

Glad you had a good Valentine's Day, Ramsay!!

And we second Nola's thoughts - we hope everything is okay & we will def be here when you get back:)

*Jasper & Miss Amy

docsdox said...

thanks guys! always good to know you guys are out there!


Lovable Lily said...

You know we'll all be waiting! Glad to hear that thing's are going well.

Lily Belle