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Sunday, June 24, 2012

driving mr. ramsay

There are times when I think our vehicles should have a bumper sticker that reads, "Ramsay is my co-pilot".  Using his internal GPS and timely whining, Ramsay communicates certain things to us throughout the course of a drive:

1)  short whine at beginning of drive:  "We're going too slow.  You need to drive a little bit faster.  I know we're heading to daycare and I don't want to miss the morning butt-sniff-check-in with my buddies."

2)  short whine in mid-drive:  "We're about half-way there and I'm getting a little bored.  I need a treat."

3)  short whine near end of drive:  "We're about 5-10min out and I'm getting a little antsy.  Are we there yet?"

4)  whine beginning any time throughout the drive and persisting for 5-10min:  "I'm bored and I don't want a treat, but perhaps a ride on NewMama's lap would be nice so that I can enjoy the scenery and leave my nose prints on the window."

5)  whine beginning any time throughout the drive and persisting for more than 10min:  "I forgot to potty before I left the house, even though you put me on the patch.  I may have to potty in the next 30 to 60min or so, so kindly find me a pet-friendly rest area so that I may relieve myself and roll in whatever stinkiness I happen to discover?"

6)  whine beginning anytime during the drive and lasting the entire duration of one song:  "I'm singing along to one of my favorite songs - likely something by Pitbull or Snoop Dogg.  Please don't mind me."  
This vehicle is equipped with DPS:  Doxie Positioning System.


Lovable Lily said...

Good one Ramsay! Mommy said our van too has the DPS in it. We also have a Picaso drawing on our passenger window and it's beautiful. Gentle swirls of doggie snarkie goodness.

Hope you made it in time for your morning butt-sniff-check-in. That's way better than coffee!

Lily Belle

Reuben said...

Did you get the morning butt sniff? DID YOU?! I would hate for you to miss it. In times of trial, like when you is on a car ride for eleventy hours, DPS has many importants. I is glad to see you has the latest model!


Nola said...

BOL me too, Ramsay!

docsdox said...

LILY: BOL! good to hear other cars have DPS too! not to worry - we always make it for morning butt-sniff-check! if i miss it, then we do mid-morning-butt-sniff-check! =) you'll have to post some of your picassos on your blog!

REUBEN: we'll never be late or out of date as long as i'm in the car reminding mom and dad where we are!