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Sunday, September 9, 2012

look who turned 2!

August 31, 2010:  dogbert's birthday!  Our little guy has come such a long way since then, and we could not have asked for a better dog.  Judging from his birth pictures, we could never have guessed how handsome of a doxie he would become.  Kudos to our breeder for producing such fine dogs.

As she did last year, NewMama baked a cake for Ramsay - except this time she tweaked the recipe a little and baked it for less time.  Result:  a cake that smelled good enough to be human food!  We kept Ramsay's feeding light that day in anticipation of a birthday feast, and to our pleasant surprise he ate the entire cake in one sitting!  This was followed by the ceremonial introduction of his new stuffed toy buddies - two of which have already surrendered their squeaker(s) and stuffing to our eager pooch.

Happy 2nd Birthday Ramsay!  Here's to many, many more!


Lovable Lily said...

Happy, happy birthday to our sweet furend Ramsay! What a great celebration you had on your special day. What kind of cake was it? Sure looked yummy.

Wishing you many more healthy & happy years ahead!!!

Lily Belle & Muffin

AMY ANN said...

Happy birthday. The cake looks yummy.

Nola said...

Happy birthday, handsome!

docsdox said...


it was a great bark-day! i had to eat the WHOOOOLE cake in one sitting cuz it was soooo yummy. good thing mom and dad helped me save my appetite that day! i'm not sure what exactly what it was made out of, but i know for sure it had peanut butter in it, cuz i could soooo smell it! if you guys are interested, i could ask mom to post the recipe!


Jasper + Amy said...

Oh happy, happy birthday Ramsay!! I'm sorry we're so late in delivering your birthday wishes, but mom says better late than never!!

Hope you had a awesome day!!


docsdox said...

thanks, Jasper! it was grrrrrrreat!


Teri Roberts said...

Happy belated birthday Ramsay!
And we would love to have the
recipe if you don't mind sharing.

docsdox said...

TERI: lemme go ask my mom, and then dad will post it!