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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hallo-wien 2012: The Littlest Detective

Despite the capture of the dreaded Vamp-Dox, a young couple has continued to lose food and paper-products placed on tables approximately 3 feet in height.  At the suggestion of a stuffed toy frog, they have called in an "expert":  the famous dox-tective, SherDox Holmes!  
the cause of the crime is documentary!
i mean, rudimentary!
i mean, complimentary!

[PSST!  "elementary"]

YES!  ELEMENTARY! thank you kind, stuffed toy frog.
you will be my sidekick and i will call you "WANTON"

Don't you mean "Watson"?

no, silly!  there might be some kind of copyright thing,
i have to call you "WANTON"...

Much thanks to our blog-buddy, Baxter's mom for making such a wonderful hat out of an extra coat that Ramsay had.  We've been waiting all year for our little detective to wear it this Hallo-wien!



Lovable Lily said...

You look TOTALLY amazing SherDox Holmes in your dapper doxie duds! That picture of you should most surely be printed and framed and hung in a place of prestige in your home. We could just tell that Baxter's Mom had a hand in this.... she is amazing.

I hope that you and Wonton have a great day.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Doxie Rod said...

oh my gosh, you look so official! i'm so glad you followed the advice of the stuffed frog :) what a great looking detective! i'm sure he'll be following up on a lot of leads. and great job to baxters mom! another amazing piece.

Lizzy said...

Just wanted to say, you are too cute and Baxter's mom sure is a clever sewer.. I joined your site so I could keep up with your doings and mystery solving.

Joey and Rowdy said...

What a great outfit - love it!

docsdox said...


LILY: baxter's mom makes the BEST stuff, huh? i wonder what mom and dad will ask her to make next? =) at first i didn't want to be framed 'cuz the bulldog across the street did that to me once after making shushie in our yard - but then dad explained and i think i'm ok with the picture framing thing!

ROD: rest-assured, SherDox Holmes and Wanton are on the case!

LIZZY: welcome, and thanks for following us! dad and i will try to make sure to keep up with the weekly updates.

JOEY and ROWDY: thanks! love your blog, as always!


Doxie Rod said...

i keep coming back to this picture and laughing my butt off! showed it to my husband today, LOL!