The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


NewMama and I do a fair amount of driving on the weekends, and Ramsay normally hangs out in his crate - a little unsettled initially, but nothing that can't be remedied by tossing him a treat to keep him calm.  From then on, he's content and dozes the ride away.  Last weekend we took the opportunity to try a car carrier that we had bought even before Ramsay came home.  It's basically a faux-felt-lined nylon basket over a metal frame with straps that wrap around the seat and headrest, as well as a strap/clip that attaches to his collar to keep him IN the basket.  As with most new things dogbert was a little iffy about it at first, but a treat or two later he was enjoying the view from the backseat and napping when things got a little too boring for him.  We're impressed that he stayed in it and didn't try to climb out.  Hopefully he'll continue to behave with it.
'i wonder if we're gonna stop at the pet store? i'm jonesin'
for some kinda treat...'

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