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Sunday, January 9, 2011

vet check 4.0

Vet check #4 was this past week and all is well!  Ramsay seems to have undergone a growth spurt over the Christmas holiday, as he looks and feels longer and heavier.  Weight is up to 6.8lbs and shots are done for the year!  Of course, we still have the monthly ordeal of getting him to take his heartworm pill and applying flea & tick medicine on his scruff, but we welcome the break from getting shots.  Generally a great checkup with our vet.
more ucky heartworm pills?  you can't be serious!
Like a fawn, Ramsay has outgrown the dapple spots on his back - as the breeder said he would!  There are still some small patches around his legs and a prominent one at the base of his tail - plus the large piebald spot on his chest that extends to the bottom of his nose, and the stripe running down his back.  He definitely looks like a different dog!  His bionic left eye is STILL blue though, so we know it's our boy!   =)

like my racing stripe? bring on the 'wiener 100'!
While at the vet's office I noticed that Ramsay is becoming one of those dogs who occasionally barks at other dogs and gets very excited when he enters a room full of them (in stark contrast to minding his own business during our walks, despite being barked AT).  It was a little embarrassing at first, but then I realized that he's not alone.  Seems he's just eager to meet them, and he settles down once he gets to sniff them and say hi.  But I'm not crazy about Ramsay having such high energy in these situations.  He did well greeting a doxie-poodle mix (imagine:  doxie size, black poodle coat!) - but that dog was very quiet as he wasn't feeling well after receiving shots.  Clearly we need to beef up dogbert's canine socialization and I need to watch some 'Dog Whisperer' reruns for reference!
what? whatcha lookin' at?  is there something on my nose?
can i lick YOUR nose? you know you want me to!

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