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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


One night, Ramsay appeared to be chewing on something, but neither NewMama nor I had given him anything to chew on.  Suspecting mischief, we inspected his mouth to find nothing out of the ordinary:  no string from a rope toy, no random fuzz from the floor, no locks of NewMama's freshly-shed hair or chunks of rubber from his pastry-shaped chew-toys.  A closer look revealed the truth!  Ramsay was losing his razor-sharp milk teeth!  That explained his recent bouts of dizzying halitosis:  after some thought - the ungodly stench emanating from little teefer sutherland DID smell like old blood!  
At 11 seconds, pause the video and check the bottom center of the screen.  If you look closely, you may see the tooth as Ramsay spits it out.  He rinses it clean in his mouth before I get to it.
To help the teething process (and prevent us from nearly vomiting each time dogbert's mouth came within three feet), we stepped up the use of rope toys (even supplying one specifically-made for breath-freshening).  We also gave him a rubber-nubbin binky (here it is, Baxter!!!!) and started him (a little early, but close enough) on Greenies.  So far, so good.  He's losing his teeth slowly but surely, and any remaining ones will be pulled next week on NeuterDay.  

Shhhh!!  Don't tell Ramsay that NeuterDay isn't really a day of the week!

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kalyxcorn said...

aw, i remember those days! we missed that with Baxter cuz he was already full grownish. b loves your rubber binky!!