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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Who is this dog, and what has he done with our little hellion?
a little moose told me i'd get peanutbutter for
good behavior...
For the past week or two, Ramsay's behavior has been changing.  He's no longer quite as high-strung.  He sits/lays and stares at us as we prepare dinner, and eats his meals in tandem with us.  He is content to explore the immediate area of the dining room and play with Moosey while we finish our meals, instead of trying to jump into our laps or wander away from us.  While at Grammy and Pap's house, he lays at either NewMama's or my feet and watches the commotion around him instead of being PART OF IT.  He seems to know when and where to potty.  He doesn't pull as much during walks.  Is he behaving because he knows that Tuesday is NeuterDay?  Is this his way of apologizing for past transgressions, in hopes that we won't go through with the neutering?  

NewMama and I are guardedly optimistic that these are signs of the next phase of dogbert's maturation process - that switch that appears to be flipped at around the 6mo mark (as I observed in OzzY, my previous doxie) causing positive changes in behavior that make us humans think, "Omigosh, I think he actually gets it".  

Ramsay will be exactly 25wks on NeuterDay.  Hopefully it will be a milestone heralding even better days ahead.  Good luck, little one.  Impress the doctor and his staff the way you've been impressing us.  Mommy and Daddy will see you tonight. 

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