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Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend excursion

Yesterday was an eventful one for dogbert, as he accompanied NewMama and me on one of our weekend excursions.  First stop:  the automated carwash!  Luckily Ramsay isn't easily spooked by loud noises.  He seemed fascinated by the sound of the water hitting his window and the patterns that the soap made on the glass.  Too bad the wash couldn't get the INSIDE of the glass, where Ramsay has officially staked his claim on the rear passenger window via noseprints!
i hope that stuff doesn't wash my noseprints off...
Next stop was Gramma and Pappy's house, where Ramsay played with human cousin, Eli.  Eli borrowed a leash to take Little Ramsay - the stuffed doxie that dogbert gave Eli for his birthday - out for a walk!  Here's Ramsay's view from my lap...
hey little!  i dare ya to pee on his shoes!



kalyxcorn said...

oh that tiny stuffed doxie on a walkie is so cute! and good thing u liked the car wash. think I need to keep b in my lap for that fine experience!

docsdox said...

we found the stuffed doxie by chance at a card store in town. it's actually a beanie baby!

maybe b will get used to the carwash after a couple of times in your lap? or a treat to keep him busy while going through the wash? (i seem to recall a post with a chick-fil-a run in relation to the carwash?) i think we lucked out w/ramsay actually being interested in all the commotion from the carwash!

cheyne923 said...

I still have the stuffed dog that I would drag over the sidewalk when I was little. Thanks for bringing back such good memories!
I also like the car carrier thingie (yes, I went to graduate school). Ramsay looks so comfortable in it.
m and j

docsdox said...

nice to hear that the pic evoked some good times for you. impressed that you still have the stuffed dog! give it a little TLC from us three! =)

thanks for the kudos on ramsay's carseat! we saw it on one of our adventures at TJMaxx and got a great discount on it. luckily, he's taken well to it. i took some video of ramsay in the seat last weekend. it may make it into a future post!