The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

rolling in the fleece

Contrary to our original plans B.R. (ie: Before Ramsay), dogbert IS allowed on the couches, as long as he's on a blanket.  He has always "re-arranged" his blanket prior to lying down on it (be it on the couch or in his crate), but lately he's also started to bury himself underneath it and flip it around to get just enough exposure to breathe.  Cute for sure, but sometimes makes it difficult to figure out where he is.  Good thing the doxie shnoz is a dead-giveaway!
"please don't wake me.  no, don't shake me.  leave me where i am.
i'm only sleeping."
- The Beatles


cheyne923 said...

What a great shot! I found out that dachsies like to bury themselves in blankies when I sat on an afghan that held a friend's dachshund and screamed (we were in a basement in a woodsy area where it might have been something else).Romeo the dachshund just poked his head out and then rearranged himself in his afghan.

docsdox said...

oh my! i see how that could have been tragic - for both you and Romeo! in retrospect, i imagine it's pretty funny though. i'll admit i've nearly sat on Ramsay a couple times in a similar situation!

Amy said...

Jasper only likes to bury under the blanket after a bath & he's still wet. I put the blanket on my lap for protection & he wants to do "pay backs" for making him get a bath. Other than that, he usually is curled up next to me with his nose pushed so far into my leg I'm afraid he'll suffocate!

docsdox said...

ah yes, the wet dog payback! ramsay does that too! it's like we're getting a bath with him! =)