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Sunday, August 28, 2011

in the garden

dear diary,

mom and dad tell me that i am going to turn one year old this week!  that sounds sooper-dooper cool, but i don't know what it means!  so i asked frenchie (the french bulldog who lives down the street) to explain it to me.  he says that every year on my birthday i have to give him a present.  my stuffed toy-buddy, dragon says i need this thing called 'money' to buy my present, and told me to look for some outside...
well, now i have to look for a tree!  if i don't find any money, i might just have to MAKE a present for frenchie - something cool and personalized like a special edition, glitter-coated poopie-snake!  i know those are pretty valuable and collectible because whenever i make one, dad takes it away and hides it in a plastic bag for safe-keeping!  i smell a project!



AMY ANN said...

Great pictures. I think a glitter-coated poopie snake would be perfect for your friend on YOUR birthday.

docsdox said...

i thought it sounded kinda weird that frenchie got gifts on MY birthday, but i didn't know cuz i've never had a birthday before!

gotta get workin' on that glitter-coated poopie snake...