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Sunday, November 6, 2011

daylight savings

dear diary,
HAPPY-HAPPY!  mom and dad say that tonight i get to stay up late 'cuz of daylight savings time.  my cousin hubert says that means we get an extra hour of playtime!  but boo-hoo - would you believe mom and dad would rather sleep an extra hour instead?  oh well...i guess i'll catch up on my reading...


you guys asleep already?  sheesh!


kalyxcorn said...

hello ramsay my mom said to tell your mom n dad that she is putting sumptin in da mail tomorrow and hopefully it will be self explanatory butchoo know, if it does not quite fit u wanna futz with it and til it does and mark it - it will be good to do pictures so mom can see and tell u what u might want to do... :)

Nola said...

Hi Ramsay! My momma said the same thing, more sleep less play! How dare they! Oh well, a little sleep never hurt anyone....Zzzz
Dachshund Nola

docsdox said...

BAXTER: oooh, thank you! i will tell mom and dad to keep an eye on the mail. if they miss it, i'm sure i'll see the mailman and ask him about it myself!

NOLA: agreed! i think sleep is the only thing that i like to do more than play! i hope you are having fun in atlanta. careful! my stuffed dragon tells me there are hawks and falcons and stuff out there! ;)

Amy said...

ooo Ramsay, are you getting your very own super duper cool dapper dud from Baxter's mom?? You are a lucky pup, I love love love mine!! :)


docsdox said...

JASPER: YUP! mom and dad won't tell me what it is yet, but it's gotta be sooper-dooper in b's mom makes it! i LOVE the harness and bow-tie you wore to your vet's appointment.