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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hallo-wien 2012: The Doxiteer

It's Ramsay's 3rd Hallo-wien, and NewMama and I have been throwing around a couple of costume ideas.  We wonder what dogbert makes of all the dressing up?

Ramsay's secret blueprint, revealed.  When asked where he obtained the information he refused to give a name, only saying that he had been in touch with a coyote who was a "super genius".


Marley said...

Wow, Ramsay! That's quite an outfit! Almost looks like you blew your tail off -be careful!

Holly Diane said...

Love it! My boys are jealous

Hannalei said...

THAT is fantastic! :)
I am such a bad Mommy.. We don't dress up other than sweaters.

Doxie Rod said...

oh my gosh!! this costume is INSPIRED! and you wear it SO well, ramsay. i just love it, too cool. halloween, here you come!

docsdox said...

MARLEY: i KNOW i had to tuck my tail in so it wouldn't look like a frankenweeine tail!

HOLLY: thanks! i can ask the coyote that i emailed if he can send you the specs so you can build one too! oh, wait...i think dad already got hold of 'em! :)

HANNALEI: nothing wrong with a nice comfy sweater! my mom's always on the hunt for neat holiday-themed sweaters in the bargain bins!

ROD: thanks! mom (i mean the coyote) got me the rocket and dug up a pair of her old swim goggles, and dad just piled on as many other things as he could find to complete the suit - gotta be ready for anything when i go to the moon!